The hosting provider for site and application builders.

Collaboration, think ahead and be flexible. Terms you normally not associate with an hosting provider. That's why we do things different.


Even better PHP performance with HHVM, Varnish and Cloudflare. We help you to get the best performance. We are a hosting partner you can use for innovation and improvement.

Think ahead

Want to deploy with GIT? Or make the deployment faster? Or develop with a Docker container or Vagrant box that's equal to the hosting enviromner? We have done that and will help you to get up to speed.


Many hosters claim to be it, but we live it. We don't have our own hardware and can take over your existing environment. We will optimize it and take care so you can focus on development.


Development and hosting of an application or site does not stop when it goes live. Optimisation, performance enhancements and renovation: We do understand software (We used to be programmers in the past) and bring that knowledge into your hosting. Memcache, Varnish, New Relic, are all terms for developers that have been around but do you need to have deep knowledge of them? That is where we are at our best.

How do we Collaborate?

  • Is updating your site/application a lot of work? Swith between staging and live with minimal downtime.
  • Installing New Relic is easy… but then what? How to interpret the information? We can help you from start to finish!
  • Varnish, Memcache, Redis, Cloudflare… and much more to give your site/application a performance boost.
  • And much more…

As a developer you encounter new stuff almost daily: New Relic, Docker, maybe GIT is new to you. But now the deadline is close and the new tool becomes a bookmark..” Will pick that up later on when time permits”. Why not choose a hosting partner that is already thinking ahead and has experience with it and can help introduce it?

How we are thinking ahead?

  • Setting up a SVN/GIT/Mercurial development environment? No problem, even easy deployments with the use of SVN/GIT/Mercurial are no problem.
  • Development with Docker or Vagrant? What are the advantages and drawbacks… What is Docker actually?
  • And much more…
We help with explaining and implementing it within your organisation and of course the technical part of the hosting setup.


We collaborate on many fronts, from consulting to technical implementations. We are flexible about which cloud provider to use. Of course we do have our preferred suppliers in “The Cloud” but we can help no matter where the servers are located, from cloud to own hardware. The only requirement is access.
We do have our preferred suppliers but do not own any infrastructure of our own with good reason. We are way more flexible and can use specific cloud providers best suited for your needs.

We like to hear from you!

Want to know how hosting can be done differently ? Do not hesitate and just give us a call/mail to exchange thoughts we’ll talk about what we could do for your projects or just have a cup of coffee.

About us

We are Twisted Bytes B.V.

We help our customers to setup and maintain servers and infrastructure. We work together with out customers in close collaboration with the developers.

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