The Special One

Posted by Twisted Bytes on 31 July 2017

In May 2017 we were contacted by tsium Limited, a UK start-up who were developing a new football prediction game (The Special One – for launch in July of the same year. They had been previously using an unmanaged solution on Rackspace whilst testing, but had decided they should stick to their day jobs as developers and were looking for someone to help with infrastructure management.

After being put off the big players due to cost and lack of support, they contacted UpCloud after hearing positive things. tsium asked for a managed solution, but as this isn’t something they offer, UpCloud recommended us as they were confident we would be a good fit.

Not being put off by the tight timescale we agreed to help. After reviewing their current configuration we suggested a few improvements to the infrastructure and the way they handle geo-blocking and security, and began the migration process to UpCloud. We configured everything in Puppet which helped this process immensely. We added monitoring to ensure we can keep constant track of the health and activity on all servers, and we manage regular backups and recovery tests.

tsium immediately saw a huge improvement in speed and reliability, and seemed suitably impressed.

We continue to manage The Special One, and look forward to a smooth ride ahead as its user base increases.


James Cooke – tsium Limited Director

“Working with Twisted Bytes has made an enormous benefit to the launch of The Special One. It has allowed us to concentrate on the areas we know best. They have helped with a number of improvements to the infrastructure, and now handle monitoring and backups. Not only do Twisted Bytes seem like a Rapid Response Unit, but they are excellent value for money. I fully expect that we will work with them on future projects.”