Why another hosting company?

Posted by Twisted Bytes on 3 March 2015

Yet another hosting company, which is what you could say our start. In the Netherlands alone, there are many hosting companies or companies that do hosting. It seems that every web hosting also doing and that hosting is not so hard.

Nevertheless, we have decided to take this step because we saw that there is a problem is emerging in the hosting market. But before we go, we want to imagine it.

Twisted Bytes consists Mathijs Janssen and Derk Gortemaker. We are located in Enschede and have a clear plan: work with customers and developers to offer their websites and applications to end users.

Problem: developers become hosters

We think we have something to offer here, because we see that customers and developers are not satisfied with the hosting offerings. You hear them complain about hosters who have no idea that anything is going on or they do not help to solve problems. Increasingly, developers out of frustration than just organize ourselves servers.

The developers we are talking about are the companies that create applications and maintain. These are software houses, many web designers and application developers. These companies find that they are not getting what they need.

We have seen and heard from various sides and understand the steps to own to begin hosting. Internet is full of tutorials on how to host a site and it all seems not so difficult. Actually it is not that difficult: a Web server, a database, a PHP installation, FTP access, and a domain name is all that is needed. But what happens next?

What happens if PHP needs to be updated, what if openssl suddenly very leak appears to be. What if the database in the middle of the night suddenly stops working. What if the hard drive fills up. What if the site has become so large that two servers are needed. Gradually it becomes clear that it takes a lot of time and that something is not your core business.

Solution: Collaborate

Twisted Bytes is another hoster. We do not want the biggest and cheapest ones. We want to offer what they need customer and developer: reliable hosting and someone who understands what the developer is doing. We have our own websites and applications developed and have walked the same route until we were home to several sites hosting. We noticed that we were good at and with our knowledge and experience could make more people happy.

We have the infrastructure to keep constant track of every site, so that we know more than you think the site no longer works and then take action.

We see that the development of a website or an application happens more and more based on Agile projects or methods. We understand that and deployment from Git Git is convenient and that the hoster should help with that. We also use these techniques themselves for our infrastructure nor can we say and thinking.

We want to help with our knowledge of systems management and hosting to make the developer's life easier. Which can occupy himself again with the making of the sites and applications. We are available to help you or just answer your questions!

Hosting cause is our starting point and not the end point.