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Posted by Twisted Bytes on 23 October 2015

It was about time for a new blog. And one that is an obvious service for almost everyone.
Earlier we already wrote a piece about email in the blog about "Classic Hosting"
We wrote among other things that we recommend using Microsoft Office365, Gmail for Google's business depends on what would work best for you. Both are more than fine services but in some situations you can not use it (cost, privacy etc).

However, there is demand for traditional e-mail us. Since we like Twisted Bytes "New" we suffer little from old systems and we can e-mail system set up what we think is a lot more secure and easy to use without having to use special applications.
We asked ourselves what the customer would like and it is best to summarize briefly: No spam, secure and simple.


No SPAM (and viruses)

No spam. We can be short about that. Everyone hates spam. We have thought to ourselves here to create a system, but there is a very good Dutch party that does nothing but spam / virus filtering: SpamExperts. Apart from which they filter reliably watch our customers easy online at their incoming e-mail or log reports to questions.



Mail can relatively easily be made ​​a lot safer and that is to do everything by changing the default communication method for TLS, what this does is adjust an insecure method of communication to a safe.This causes your login information and e-mails as "the clear" on the line, do something normal POP3, IMAP and SMTP connections does. Nowadays supported every email client TLS. Should this not be the case that we also support the old SSL connections. What we do not support is an insecure connection.



Easy course is a little bit of your experience with computers.
But by using standard techniques to use our mail serivces with almost all generic mail programs. Think, Outlook, iMail, thunderbird and on phones like iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Note: For migrations that we ran out we noticed that it is standard widely used Outlook still assumes that get created an unsecured connection. A few minor adjustments should be made to allow the correct and safe way. For example, the Gmail app on Android and Thunderbird on the computer detects both standard that SSL / TLS capabilities and use that whatsoever.


Handige adressen

  • Webmail (online uw email bekijken)
  • POP3 server (inkomende mail server)
    • Address: pop3.twistedbytes.eu 
    • Ports: 110, 995
  • IMAP server (inkomende mail server)
    • Address: imap.twistedbytes.eu
    • Ports: 143, 993
  • SMTP Server (uitgaande mail server)
    • Address: smtp.twistedbytes.eu
    • Ports: 465, 587



  • Android Gmail IMAP: PDF
  • Android Gmail POP3: PDF
  • Microsoft Outlook IMAP: PDF
  • Microsoft Outlook POP3: PDF
  • Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP/POP3: PDF


Used software

Since we use open source software, we can be open to what we use for our e-mail. All the components are now in our view, the better choice to use.


Dovecot - This service is used for Imap and POP3. This makes the e-mail client connects to retrieve the mail.  


Postfix - SMTP server, the e-mail of SpamExperts receives and sends your outgoing e-mail to SpamExperts. 


roundcube - webmail interface to check your mail through a Web browser. 


sieve - filtering for e-mail processing separately from the e-mail application. For example, for an out of office or automatically moving mail to another folder.


Spamexperts - Online spam and virus mail filtering system.

What we offer is an e-mail environment as you see it in many hosters with the difference that we only allow secure connections.

If your response to this article questions and / or comments please let us know.

e-mail: [email protected]

Telefoon: +31 85 4019626

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