Classic hosting products and Twisted Bytes

Posted by Twisted Bytes on 25 March 2015

Classic hosters have classic products: email, shared hosting, VPS and domain names. We do not see ourselves as traditional hoster, but when you consider a product offering in the hosting do you do to speed up this kind of products.

Because we are a little twisted, we must of course be there to give their own twist. It is none the less a question we get frequently. We offer an overview of our classical hosting products.


We obviously have the ability to receive mail and then receive via POP3 and IMAP. That's like almost every hoster to offer. We have everything we made the choice to receive and then to offer them to you as safe as possible. Everything goes over secure connections and we accept no unsafe POP3 or IMAP connections.

By default, the email received and sent through a spam and virus filter. So you're sure you will not receive spam and viruses but not sent. We therefore make use of SpamExperts, because they are just very good at it.

While we offer this service, however, we recommend a company to use the email from Microsoft Office365, Gmail for business on Google. That we also do, because their offer is very good. And it integrates seamlessly with all your devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Why we still email hosting? Because the supply of Google or Microsoft do not always fit into any environment. That's when a lot of mailboxes per mailbox and it can quickly become more expensive than desired, and sometimes a simple mailbox is enough. We do not count in number of mailboxes, but the total size of all mailboxes.

Shared Hosting

Our standard shared hosting is lean and mean. No overhead by a panel system on the server itself and that can sit enormously in the way. Standard with the latest versions of Linux, Apache, PHP and MariaDB (a better one-on-one replacement for MySQL). This hosting is suitable for simple good hosting for sites where you want.

An important detail is that we again have our choices have been made to make it safer than what your standard anywhere else. You do not get us FTP, SFTP only. PHPMyAdmin gaal just over an SSL connection. Nobody will therefore be able listen to the passwords.

Most importantly, we put up 10-15 sites on one server. Your website will not be slower over time because we want to make the most of the servers at the expense of the customer.

Shared Hosting Plus

This is a variant on the shared hosting server that we ourselves "invented" have. It is a shared hosting server, but for one customer or developer. This we focus, such as in the u wants it and gives the ability to have its own standard or additional software on the server. We can and want to work with you tune the server so that customers and end users have the best experience for a shared hosting price.

Want a shared hosting server with MongoDB or  PostgreSQL? Which can. Do you Redis needed for CMS but you therefore forced to maintain their own server? Not any more.

VPS Hosting

The virtual server is the standard for all hosting today. Our shared hosting hosting is also on a virtual server.The VPS is a variant where generally one application on it. The advantage is that the one application receives all of the resources on a server: all disk spacious, all the CPU and all of the memory. Often we will tune the database so that it can use more memory and therefore is faster.

Another option is to host a portion or the entire development infrastructure of a larger application or website. Thus, it may be practical to have a development, acceptance and production version of an application on the same server. Then the customer can watch and the site can be tested in exactly the same environment as the production site.

Larger sites and applications may have background processes. Think Gearman or a queue like RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ. When these tools are used in an application or site is actually the time that a standard hosting environment no longer adequate. We are familiar with these tools will help you to use it in the hosting. The hosting party should not be a barrier to creating a better application.

Custom Hosting

Grows a site or application from the VPS or jacket, there are demands that can not be filled with standard hosting then you end up in Custom Hosting. Here is everything else and is unlimited.

This is also the time when we start talking about multiple servers, load balancers, database sharding, CDN and failover situations. This sounds like it could be expensive, but we really love "less is more" and "keep it simple". We build with you a structure that is ready to scale and therefore grows with your application and budget.

Other products

Besides the above, there are a whole range of products we offer and which we will gladly help you, think of:

  • New Relic
  • CloudFlare
  • Domain names, now more than 700 extensions possible.
  • SSL certificates from entry, wildcard, multi san to EV (Green Bar)
  • DNS Anycast DNS
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Alerting 24x7